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D75KS Control Change

SMW Drilling Services together with DDA have completed a control system change on a D75KS Blast Hole Drill.

We were engaged to improve the reliability and utilisation of the current system.

We designed a console with product and operator improvements to functionality, fitting into the existing cabin. Our new retro fit-out ensures easy maintenance together with ongoing parts availablity.

Parker Iqan modules were programmed and installed to operate the drilling functions to the highest level,?and with equal response time to give the operator?feel for the ground conditions and the ease of rod changes.

All relays and modules were fitted on a back board behind the console, ?ensuring?that all troubleshooting is in the one location.

DDA used Hydronym Schematic Drawing Software to design the?full machine electrical schematic.

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RiteDrill’s?Panel Mount Cabin Pressure Monitor?

Cabin Pressure Monitors provide a visual display to operators?letting them?know when positive air pressure in the cabin is too?low or too high. Low pressure in the cabin can?result in dust and other harmful materials?entering. High pressure can result in?fatigue and headaches. The cabin pressure?monitor has been engineered for simple?installation and operation.?

Powerful Performance

The monitor measures?cabin pressure and compares it with the?atmospheric?pressure. When the pressure in the cabin?drops to?a level that is not high enough to prevent dust?and other materials entering, the display?turns orange to alert the operator. Continued working?in low or high cabin pressure, will result in the monitor?displaying?red?warnings?and the external outputs are?triggered.?

Three outputs are provided as follows:
Orange: Open collector, switches to ground after continued working in a?low or high pressure cabin. This output is?internally fused to 200mA with a self resetting?fuse.?

Blue: Voltage output; configurable via the menu?to be normally-high (9V) or normally-low (0V).?The output will switch after continued working in?a?low pressure cabin.
White: Analogue voltage representing pressure.?Voltage scaling can be changed via the menu.?The pressure measurement units and thresholds, can be configured via a touch-screen. The?touch-screen must be accessed within 10?seconds of power being applied, after which it is?disabled. The touch-screen also allows other?features such as screen brightness, password?and outputs to be configured.?

A precision sensor allows pressure to measured?to a resolution of 0.1mm H20. Measured pressure?is temperature compensated, to allow operation over a wide range of temperatures.
An?extremely high sensor burst pressure of 5000Pa?means that door slams will not affect the sensor.?

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Meet Oscar Richards Our NEW Apprentice Machinist!

Oscar has completed one of many?sprockets ordered from DDA!

Following the Japanese?Poka-Yoke system (mistake proofing) all our sprockets are engraved with our logo identifying us as the manufacturer.

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Workshop Capabilities!

DDA’s in-house manufacturing capabilities allows us the flexibility to meet urgent turnaround times!

Our engineering team enables modifications and improvements to parts and manufacture of new parts on site.

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