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Introducing DDA’S Feed Block Vent Kit
Feed Block Vent Kit removes the risk of high-pressure fluids when performing maintenance above the holding valve on the feed system hoses.Known Problem
When the machine has been shut down and locked out there is always a potential risk of high-pressure fluid in the feed circuit. There is no easy way to remove/vent the residual pressure without removing/overriding the holding/ counterbalance valve.DDA’s Solution
Before commencing any work on the feed system, install a Feed Block Vent Kit inline and above the holding valve. ?Connect test hose to tank before connecting to the vent block. Then connect the other side of test hose to the vent block to ensure all stored high-pressure fluid is vented to tank. ?A Stauff test point is supplied with the block.

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RiteDrill’s Report and Completed Work.

This MD6290 carousel assembly arrived from site presenting significant wear and tear on components requiring major rework and replacement.

Both the Retaining & Breakout Spiders required replacement.

The carousel index locking pin housing bore required re-sleeving.

Several cracks were found throughout the assembly requiring rework.

The Carousel Pivot Shaft was heavily scored about the Lower Pivot bearing journal and the HOBO Swing surface and found to be worn beyond acceptable tolerances. HOBO required re-sleeving and machining back to specification.

Pipe Rack Safety Chain End Clevis link was damaged requiring replacement.

Carousel Index Plate Locator Bores were worn, RiteDrill recommended to line bore and install hardened bushes.

Upper Carousel Axle Journal was worn below serviceable limits, requiring reclaiming and machining.

A slight bend was found in loader Pivot Shaft, which required straightening.

Upper Carousel Tray was buckled, requiring repairs.

Lastly upper and lower Carousel Swing Clevises were damaged requiring replacement.

Significant machining and fabrication work was required to bring this unit back to full working order ? achieved on time and budget for our customer!

?If you have a carousel requiring repairs or refurbishment, call?RiteDrill today? (02) 4932 0191

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P/N 016815-008
OEM Dive Shafts have small journals and are only serviceable in one position.
DDA can supply a Heavy Duty Drive shaft with larger stronger journals that are serviceable at every journal.Locally sourced for better availability.Increased service life of component.

Reduced risk of major machine damage from failed shafts.

P/N 97030479

OEM Diverter Valves have small porting causing cavitation and low pump life.

DDA engineered a new K Port manifold and Diverter Valve that opens up these ports and eliminates the parasitic cavitation that caused early pump failures.

Supported by pump OEM.

Extending P11 pump life out to double prior hours.

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Our warehouse includes a large stock of Spare Parts, Consumables & Service Exchange components.

Our range of parts include; Chain Connectors, Sprockets, Pins, Feed & Hoist Ropes to suit most Models. Valves, O-Rings, Seal Kits, Filters, Pumps, Motors & Gearboxes, Filter Kits and Wiper Seals for Drill Pipe.

Our Service Exchange components include; Pumps, Motors, Gearboxes and Torsional Drive Couplings.

Dedicated parts delivery runs 5 days a week!

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