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Converting your?FC4500 Dust Collector Unit?on SKF (MD6290) Drill Rigs to a?Deck-Mount Water Tank.

Item Number: 0742-120619

Figure 1: Water Tank Assembly w/ Stauff Clamps and Camera Mounts fitted and Step Guard (Top Left), Main Tank Plumbing, Return & Balance Line Pipe and Stauff Mounting Clamps (Top Right), Drop Box Cover (Bottom Left), Deck Grating & Fasteners (Bottom Middle), 1in Hose (5m length) & 2in Hose (7m length) (Bottom Right).

Key Features:

Deck-Mounted?Water Tank increases the onboard water capacity of the Rotary Drill Rig by 1,500 litres.

This assembly?kit includes items to assist in the conversion from using the FC4500 Dust Collectors for dust suppression to the second water tank for increased water capacity.

Kit includes:

  • Deck Mounted Water Tank Assembly ? Increases the water capacity of the machine.
  • Plumbing Kit ? Includes fittings, hose & pipe to interface with the existing water tank.
  • Floor Grate ? Covers the hole in the deck left by dust collector drop-outs.
  • DropBox Cover ? Covers the hole in the deck left by the dust collector inlet hose.
  • Step Guard ? Protects the electrical conduit running up to the tank in the walkway behind the tank.

The below?(Figure 2) shows a plan view of the water tank orientation and the major components’ general location in the conversion kit.

Further to the components supplied in the conversion kit, there are several on-site modifications required for the conversion, these are summarised below:

  • Install additional fasteners (by a factor of 2) into the lid of the Main Tank. This is necessary due to the increased head pressure load from the deck-mounted water tank.
  • Deck mounted water tank Mounting Foot weld bases (supplied) will need to be welded to the structural beams.
  • A hole will need to be cut in the deck below the second tank to access/install the balance line elbow fitting located beneath the water tank.
  • Stauff weld bases (Suppled) will need to be welded to the chassis of the machine for the pipes & hoses between the Main Tank and the Deck Mounted Tank.
  • Hoses supplied will need to be cut to suit (supplied as one length for each size).
  • An approximately 2m length of 2in the hose will need to be cut for the overflow line.
  • 1in Return Line hose will need to be cut to suitable length and have hose ends crimped to the ends to a crimping tolerance of 44.7mm.
  • Angle mounts for the deck grating will need to be welded to the chassis in the previous Dust Collector Drop-Out locations.
  • Relocate ?Bean? pump main tank plumbing fittings to the adaptor and tee tank fittings supplied in the main tank plumbing assembly shown in Figure 8 below.
  • Ensure the 2in hose tail with an internal orifice is located on the fill side of the main tank plumbing assembly.


  • Maximum Gauge Pressure of Main Tank: 68.948 kPa (10 PSI)
  • Return Line (1in) Hose End Crimping Tolerance: 44.7mm
  • Deck Water Tank Head Pressure Increase: 36.782 kPa (5.33 PSI)
  • Unladen Water Tank Weight: ~700 kg
  • Laden Water Tank Weight: ~2,200 kg
  • Static Lifting Lug Capacity: 1,500 kg EA

Figure 2: Plan view of drill rig showing the general location of deck-mounted water tank and accessories.



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