DDA Hydraulic Pump Contaminations Switches Video

DDA Hydraulic Pump Contaminations Switches. No oil leaks, no mess, one fitter installation. Like similar connectors the two-piece DDA switch consists of a valve body/adapter assembly with the same 22mm process connection, however, it is sealed into the pump housing using a dowty washer rather than incorporating its own seal. No 80deg oil leaks as o?rings sealed on the shaft connect with an exterior adapter. The DDA switch is designed not to report back to a third party, but to be integrated into its own standalone contamination detection program. Inside a safe conduit, wiring is lengthened and sealed to optimise lifetime and reduce the likelihood of possible downtime failures. The current flow design for the sensing components is also adjusted to minimise possible unintended damage to the circuit if the switching body is improperly removed or added.