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NEW Business?Development Manager based in QLD?

Sam Iacopetta

We are delighted to announce that Sam has joined our team.

Sam comes to us from Sandvik, where he was the Business Line Manager for sales of Rotary Drill Business with the APAC region.

Before Sandvik, Sam established Flanders in Australia, implementing fully autonomous control systems to Surface Rotary Drill Rigs, predominantly in Western Australia and Canada, USA, Brazil, and South Africa.

During this period, Sam also completed his Master of Business Administration.

Sam has a Plant Mechanic trade and has worked in both surface and underground operations in several roles.

Sam can be contacted on 0477 984 565 or email

Save Service Time and Money!

Upgrade Your OEM Switches with our Hydraulic Pump Contamination Switches.

Hydraulic Pump Contaminations Switches requires ONLY ONE FITTER saving you labour cost.

No oil leaks, no mess, as there is no need to block the flow of 80deg oil while another fitter is inspecting and cleaning ready for installation.

Self-Closing Valves come in:

  • 2 Thread Types
  • ?? – 16 UNO (-12) & M22-1.5 (-2215)
  • 2 Resistance Types: 30k Ohm (Fail Safe – use with PumpCheck) & Ok Ohm to suit some OEM circuits

You do not have to prime the component.

Hot oil burns are eliminated.

Contaminate does not get washed off.

Why a two-piece switch?

Like similar connectors, the two-piece switch consists of a valve body/adapter assembly with the same 22mm thread.

However, it is sealed into the pump housing using a Dowty washer rather than incorporating its seal.

The switch can be easily pushed against the spring-loaded nylon valve, which is lifted off its seat.

No oil leaks as o?rings sealed on the shaft connected with the exterior adapter.

A half-turn will now lock it into place. Once the switch is installed into the valve, the sensing elements rest in

the fluid stream.


The switch is designed not to report back to a third party but to be integrated into its own standalone contamination detection program. Included on 500mm lead switches (DDA1857-22500NR ) is a safe conduit, where wiring is lengthened and sealed to optimise lifetime and reduce the likelihood of possible downtime failures. The current flow design for the sensing components is adjusted to minimize unintended damage to the circuit if the switching body is improperly removed or added.

Our Testing Results

Switches have undergone thorough testing with periods of 2000hrs on 14 pumps with no problems. Switches were tested for sensitivity and accuracy under varying conditions.

DDA | RiteDrill contamination switches have successfully been tested and used on various machines such as Sandvik drills, Liebherr & Hitachi excavators.

Liebherr R994, R994B, R995, R996, R9350, R9400 & R9800

Hitachi EX3600, EX5500, EX5600 & EX8000 requiring no modifications of their electrical circuits when using Ok Ohm switches and supersede Hitachi sensors, P/N: 4670726; 4670681; 4335020; 4630577; 4623904.

Contamination Switches
Valves & Adapters, Switch & Valve Assemblies ? Suits OEM Control Unit

Adapters for Installation?into Other Applications

Pump Check
Model PCM100

PumpCheck is an early warning system for catastrophic failures in hydraulic systems.

Features are:

  • Compatible with most hydraulic systems RFD Key-Fob Reset
  • Easy to install and service
  • System configurable to monitor 1-9 sensors
  • RFD Key-Fob for Fault Reset
  • Adjustable sensitivity for individual sensors
  • Fail-Safe operation
  • Visual and audible warning
  • Internal warning alarm provided with provision for an external warning alarm
  • Master Warning output for back to base monitoring
  • Deutsch electrical connectors on electronic module and sensors
  • Sensors can be removed without loss of oil, eliminating potential burns from hot oil

Monitors are being used in many applications, including but not limited to, Drills, Shovels and Diggers for:

  • Gearboxes
  • Stationary Equipment
  • Transmissions
  • Hydraulic Installations

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