Question: How Much Pulldown Force Does A D25 Have?

Answer: 27,800 lbs or 12,610 Kg

Question: Can I Upgrade The Depth Counter System?

Answer: Yes, We can install a can bus system to control depth and rod count.   


Question: Is A Hydraulic Upgrade Available For A D45?

Answer: Yes, It includes a Case Drain Manifold with a case drain filter to separate all case drain lines from the Low Pressure Return. The mast spool is changed for better control when lifting and lowering the mast. Cooling flow is increased from 8.5gpm to 20.5gpm, back pressure is still below bypass setting of 50psi.

Question: Is an upgrade available for the pipe support? 

Answer: We have an upgrade available to change the pipe support to a DR460 style, which gives better control when angle drilling.


Question: When should we check the torque spec of the mast pivot cap bolts?


The mast pivot block bolt torques must be checked every 1000 hours of normal machine service.  More frequent inspections would be warranted where rough drilling or tramming conditions occur, or where the mast is frequently raised and lowered

Every 4000 hours or annually, the bolts, hardened washers, locking tab(s), and dowel pins must be replaced. Refer to the following procedures for installing the hardware and torque specifications.


Question: What are some checks I can do if my fast feed is not working?

  • Check that you have 12 Volts at the Fast Feed Solenoid when you press the Fast Feed Button
  • Check Oil Pressure at the Regen Check valve
  • If there is not 1000psi at the check valve, check the pressure at the Pressure Reduce valve from the M1 port on the Fan Pump
  • Adjust the Pressure reduce valve to 1000 psi


Question: What is the normal pressure drop on the compressor oil circuit between the inlet of the cooler and the outlet of the cooler?

Answer: 5-15 psi

Question: What is the normal temperature drop on the compressor oil circuit between the inlet of the cooler and the outlet of the cooler?

Answer: 20 to 40 Degrees Fahrenheit


Question: How fast should the feed in the up direction be?

Answer: A time of 13 Seconds from the bottom of the mast to the top of the mast.