Our in house machine shop makes Drill Rig components, providing fast delivery and improved product features extending the useful service life of your rig.

Our Focus is on quick turnaround times and great customer service,

Our machines and capabilities include;

  • OKK CNC Mill 3 axis 1100mm x 610mm x 460mm
  • MAZAK CNC lathe 2 axis 500mm x 900mm
  • MAZAK Manual Lathe 440mm x 1500mm
  • Fabrication services
  • Oxy profile cutting
  • Water cutting
  • 3D Design – Drafting

Heavy Duty Drive Shaft

P/N 016815-008

OEM Dive Shafts have small journals and are only serviceable in one position

Drill Doctors can supply a HD Drive shaft with larger stronger journals that are serviceable at every journal

Locally sourced for better availability

Increased service life of component. Reduced risk of major machine damage from failed shafts

Sprocket Box Assemblies

Manufactured in house
Universal to suit LH / RH side
Upgraded chain guard connections
Ready to install
Upgraded roller bearing sprockets

Currently available for:
D40, D45, D50, D55, D75

Feed Cylinder Glands

OEM Cylinder glands have a lower than expected life

Gland upgrades increase the service life of the cylinder

Allows for seal changes in situ

Locally sourced for better availability

Deck Wrench Assembly

P/N 027705-001MOD

Locally manufactured
Better availability
More economical
Cost reduction
Longer life
Retainer upgrade
Hardware upgrade

Pipe Support Assemblies

Better alignment
Adjustable for longer life
Replaceable wear components

Custom Manufacturing

Davit Crane for HV Engineers

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