With more than 40 years of industry experience, Drill Doctors have developed a range of Innovative Technologies that extend the useful production life of components and systems that are the common cause of breakdowns, including; 

Diverter Valves

P/N 97030479

OEM diverter valves have small porting causing cavitation and low pump life.

Drill Doctors engineered a new K Port manifold and diverter valve that opens up these ports and eliminates the parasitic cavitation that caused early pump failures

Supported by pump OEM

Extending P11 pump life out to double prior hours

Contamination Switches

Drill Doctors Hydraulic Pump Contaminations Switches require ONLY ONE FITTER saving you labor cost. 

No oil leaks, no mess, as there is no need to block the flow of 80deg oil whilst another fitter is inspecting and cleaning ready for installation. 

Interchangeable contamination switch that allows safe, cost-effective & environmentally friendly ability to monitor your equipment.

Our Switches have undergone thorough testing with periods of 2000hrs on 14 pumps with no problems. Switches were tested for sensitivity and accuracy under varying conditions. 

Retains foreign material for analysis.

Hazard Reduction

Hazard Reviews
Identify Key improvement areas
Change management

Full Structure Correction

FEM Analysis
CAD design
Fully engineered

DDA AIR Control

Drill Doctors designed and supported

Remote mount away from receiver tank and blow off valves

Low pressure function when head is parked

Fuel savings

Engine Damper Coupling

Locally manufactured
Better availability
More economical
Cost reduction

Digital Controls

Upgraded DR460 control levers remove fragile mechanical components

Locally sourced

More economical to replace
A base for further control upgrades

Reduces the amount of required components

Remote diagnose and adjustment capability

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