Model PCM100

PUMPCHECK is an electronic module  primarily designed to provide operator warning of imminent hydraulic  pump and motor failure on Blast Hole Drill Rigs or any other equipment operating with hydraulics. Up to 9 fail safe chip sensors can be connected and monitored by PUMPCHECK.

An audible and visual warning is triggered if a sensor detects a short circuit, open circuit or high levels of metal contamination in the hydraulic oil circuit being monitored.

The corresponding  sensor warning LED will latch and can only be reset by the supplied RFD keyfobs. There is an output provided to interface PUMPCHECK with mine telemetry systems for back to base reporting. The PUMPCHECK PCM100 is primarily designed for mobile plant that operates on 24VDC.

System Overview

  • Compatible with most hydraulic systems
  • Easy to install and service
  • System configurable to monitor 1 to 9 sensors
  • RFD Keyfob for Fault Reset
  • Adjustable sensitivity for individual sensors
  • Fail Safe operation
  • Visual and Audible warning
  • Internal warning alarm provided with provision for an external warning alarm.
  • Master Warning output for back to base monitoring
  • Deutsch electrical connectors on electronic module and sensors
  • Sensors can be removed without loss of oil, eliminating potential burns from hot oil.