Rebuilds and Overhauls

We rebuild and overhaul all popular brands of drill rigs.

We offer in-house manufacturing, stock a large range of spare parts, and have developed innovative product technologies to improve service life.


Build for Thiess!

Full bare chassis strip and re-build to your requirements. Service available anytime!

  • Fully undercover
  • 3.2 Tonne Overhead crane
  • Mobile Paint booth
  • Hot Wash
  • Acid Bath
  • Hot water pressure cleaner
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Stock parts available
  • 16 Tonne Franna
  • Fork Lift
  • 1 x Boiler Makers
  • 4 x Drill Technicians
  • 1 x Drill Electrician
  • On-site Planners
  • On-site Engineer
  • On-site Technical Support




SMW Drilling Services together with DDA have completed a control system change on a D75KS Blast Hole Drill.

We were engaged to improve the reliability and utilisation of the current system.

We designed a console with product and operator improvements to functionality, fitting into the existing cabin. Our new retro fit-out ensures easy maintenance together with ongoing parts availability.

Parker Iqan modules were programmed and installed to operate the drilling functions to the highest level, and with equal response time to give the operator a feel for the ground conditions and the ease of rod changes.

All relays and modules were fitted on a backboard behind the console, ensuring that all troubleshooting is in one location.

DDA used Hydronym Schematic Drawing Software to design the full machine electrical schematic.



In Progress



Machining and fabrication work was required to bring this unit back to full working order.

It was achieved on time and on the budget for our customers!

  • Both the Retaining & Breakout Spiders required replacement
  • The carousel index locking pin housing bore required re-sleeving.
  • Several cracks were found throughout the assembly requiring rework.
  • The Carousel Pivot Shaft was heavily scored about the Lower Pivot bearing journal and the HOBO Swing surface and found to be worn beyond acceptable tolerances. HOBO required re-sleeving and machining back to specification.
  • Pipe Rack Safety Chain End Clevis link was damaged requiring replacement.
  • Carousel Index Plate Locator Bores were worn, RiteDrill recommended to line bore and install hardened bushes.
  • Upper Carousel Axle Journal was worn below serviceable limits, requiring reclaiming and machining.
  • A slight bend was found in the loader Pivot Shaft, which required straightening.
  • Upper Carousel Tray was buckled, requiring repairs.
  • Lastly upper and lower Carousel Swing Clevises were damaged requiring replacement.
  • Significant machining and fabrication work was required to bring this unit back to full working order - achieved on time and budget for our customer!

Pump Drive Box Rebuilds

We undertake Pump Drive GearBox Rebuilds, Undercarriage and track rebuilds, Masthead rebuilds, and prepare audit reports and quotes on a variety of jobs.

Fully strip, report and quote on a variety of pump drive boxes.

Service all types.

Service exchange options available.



  • FEM Analysis
  • CAD Design
  • Fully Engineered

Complete DR460 Rotary Head Assembly

Ready for Fitment Part Number 97030582