Whipsocks and Cable Stockings

Why Use Whipsocks?
A Whipsock is the best high pressure hose safety device. They prevent accident, injury and even death!

The primary purpose of Whipsocks is not only to save lives, but they are also used in simple day-to-day operations such as dragging hosing, reducing wear and tear, mitigating product degradation and replacement, and also ensuring protection and trust for staff. Below are some of the Whipsocks and Cable Stockings we install.

Twin Eye Whipsock

The single ended hose protection avoids personal injury in the event of a failed hose or broken coupling This form of Whipsock secures a single end of a high pressure hose to an attached point to avoid uncontrolled movement in the event of a failure or breakage of the hose link.

4 Eye Whipsocks

4 Eye Whipsocks are designed to prevent splitting of the hose along the entire length of the hose.

Single Eye Lace-Up Cable Stocking and Twin Eye Cable Stocking (Nylon)

This Cable Stocking and has a woven cover with one open end while a single eye covers the other end. It is designed to pull directly into the cable.